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IMS (Intra-Mural Sports)

IMS is a hall-v-hall competiton in a variety of sports; from your standard football, rugby and netball all the way to water polo and tug of war (yes really!) you are bound to find a sport to suit you. IMS can be competitive, but mostly it is about having fun, so don't worry if you haven't got much experience :) Our sports secs are Ella Fisher, Evie Rossiter, Samy Guglielmino and Jeffrey Ampong

Make sure to join the facebook pages:

Female IMS  

Male IMS 

For more information on IMS check out the website here


Here are a list of all league sports and SOME one day events. 


Men’s Football

Men’s Rugby 13’s

Men’s Basketball

Men’s Futsal

Men’s Hockey

Men’s Squash


Women’s Basketball

Women’s 5-a-side Football

Women’s Hockey

Women’s Netball

Women’s Rounders

Women’s Squash


Mixed Softball

Mixed Badminton

Mixed Tennis

Mixed Volleyball

Mixed Lacrosse


Ultimate Frisbee

Rock It Ball


Basketball 3 vs 3


Wheelchair Basketball



Beach Volleyball

Tug of War


Indoor Rowing

IMS Trials

IMS Promo

What is IMS & AU Sport?

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