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What we suggest

- More fancy dress than normal  clothes. Check out The Timetable (when live) to make sure you don't get left out for our themed nights out. Don't forget your hangers!


 - Umbrella or coat for when it rains, Which is all the time.


- If you plan on joining the Athletic Union, please bring flip flops and shorts. These are to be worn all year round with your new AU hoody.


- Decorations to make your room your home (Board pins are a useful buy!)


- Electrical items and extension leads


- First aid items and something to fight that damn freshers flu! (Which you are bound to get.. It gets everyone.)


- Books and Stationery (You are enrolling onto a degree after all!)


- Pillows, duvet, sheets and mattress protector


- Kitchen essentials and cutlery (Including pasta, ready meals and pizza)


- Toilet paper, a toilet brush, teabags and other essentials


- Passport photographs, identification and important documents


- Anything Purple

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