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Action is all about volunteering and helping out in the local community. The main activities include gardening, the big litter pick, soup kitchen and dog walking. Action is a fantastic way to show Loughborough locals that students have a good side too! also, building up action hours gets you special rewards such as a keyring or free mug. Our Action reps are Darcey Dunne and Jake Heakin.

Here are typed of projects you can get involved in 


Community Outreach projects

Soup Kitchen

Dog Walking

Alpaca Feeding

Food Drive

Past Projects

Action Dog Walking - 28th February 2018


Heart 2 Heart - 14th February 2018

'Heart 2 Heart' was a collaborative event between Loughborough University, Loughborough Students’ Union and the British Heart Foundation. It hoped to address the issues and increases surrounding cardiac arrest survival rates. A total of 1,479 staff, students and members of the community learnt the life-saving skill in the space of 12 hours, in a bid to increase the cardiac arrest survival rate of 1 in 18 in the East Midlands.


Action Dog Walking - Freshers 2017


Spit Happens! - 8th March 2017

'Spit Happens!' was a collaborative event between Loughborough University, Loughborough Students’ Union, Anthony Nolan and the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign. It was a record breaking event held at the University in March where a total of 2,056 donors joined the Anthony Nolan register in one-day.