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Holt Freshers: What to Expect!





Move in Day

Day 1: Move in Day! On your first day as a Holt Fresher you'll be moving into you're amazing new home! You'll be greeted by some of our amazing Fresher Helpers who will help you to unpack your stuff, introduce you to some of the committee and Warden Team and answer all your questions about the University, Hall and anything else! You will then be given a presentation by your committee and warden team - just to go over some do's and dont's and health and safety - then It'll be time for the WELCOME PARTY! and the start of your Freshers year!

Day and Night Life

Over Freshers Fortnight you'll have the opportunity to participate in a range of day-time activities organised by your committee. For example: sports, BBQs, town and campus tours, bake sales, block v block competitions, pamper sessions, dog petting, volunteering with animals etc. 

The night life and evening events will also fail to disappoint. With the number 1 Student's Union in the country, expect to enjoy many night's their with a variety of acts throughout the year! If this isn't quite what you fancy, Loughborough town also provides a good variety of clubs and pubs, including cocktail bars and beer gardens! With different themed nights, every night of Freshers we hope something will catch your eye!

A number of sober alternative events will also be organised for those who prefer to be alcohol free! Check out the 'Theme and Timetable' page for more information!

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