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Frequently Asked Questions 

Getting used to Univeristy can get confusing at first, so here are some FAQs on the essentials that you may need to know ! If you have any more questions, just email us at or message us on facebook. 


What are Hall Subs?


Hall subs are a compulsory payment if you wish to take part in any aspect of hall life, including freshers! Hall subs completely cover the cost of freshers, punch parties, sport and so much more as well as giving you great discounts on Holt clothing and other big social events such as winter and summer ball. So, if you want to enjoy Uni life to the fullest then hall subs need to be on your shopping list!. 


How much are they and which one do I pay? 



For those who are joining us for their first year, it costs just £100 for an entire years’ worth of fun which is a fraction of the student loan that you’ll be given when you get here! Once you’ve paid this, you will be able to be join in all the fun that goes on throughout the year!


For those that are coming back to stay at The Holt or joining us in their later years, it costs £50 which entitles you to participation in everything at the hall with the exception of freshers, let them do their thing.


This is for those students who live away from The Holt but still want to be a part of the amazing community. This costs just £25 and will allow you to participate in all Holt events, apart from Freshers. All committee members and fresher helpers will need to pay these if you are living away from The Holt. 


If you have any questions about hall subs, then drop an email to our treasurer, Charlie, who will be more than happy to answer your questions! You can reach him at


Where can I buy Hall Subs? 


Hall subs can be bought via the bottom of our page on the Loughborough Students Union website here. Simply add the item to your basket, log in via your university details and then proceed to checkout. After filling out your details you're all set. 


What are LSU Memberships?


LSU Memberships give you great discounts and save you money on drinks and entry to certain LSU events. These memberships definitely enhance your experience at Loughborough, allowing you to be at the heart of social events. Although optional, it's something we certainly recommend!

A Platinum Membership (costing £149) gives you:

Entry to LSU Freshers INC. Freshers ball worth £39!

Entry to Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday club nights INC special guests.

Priority entry every Wednesday and Friday.

Exclusive offers on acoholic and soft drinks!


An FND Party Pass (costing £119) gives you:

Entry to Friday and Tuesday nights as well as platinum offers on both nights.


A Hey Ewe Party Pass (costing £99) gives you:

Entry to Wednesday and Tuesday nights as well as platinum offers on both nights.



For more information on LSU memberships, as well as how to buy them, click here!


What happens on move in day?


Once you park up, Fresher helpers will be at the front of the Holt ready to guide you on what you need to do. You'll get your key (providing subs have been paid) all your freshers stash and gear, and then shown to your room. Later that day youll be involved in a welcome talk from the committee, the warden and other guests before returing to the Holt to get ready for your first night out at the union, Jam packed. 


What happens during freshers?

Freshers is from Tuesday 24th September to Sunday 6th October. There will be events on each of these days and nights for you to get involved in. The big events are the infamous sing off and the freshers ball, so look out for them !


Can I bring a car to the Holt?


Yes! There is limited parking at the holt, but permits can be bought at the Holt reception for freshers or via the Univeristy for returners here.


Can I bring my bike?


Yes! We have bike sheds. Ask on move in day for more infomation


What should I bring? 


Check out our What to Bring page !


When will I find out my room number? 


Sorry you will have to wait till move in day to find out your room numbers !


Is there really a Toby Carvery next door?


About a 30 second walk !


Why purple? 


Why not?


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