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There is a wide variety of things to get involved with in Hall life! From RAG, to Media and Action to IMS, you are bound to find something that you enjoy! Everything you do with the hall gives you a chance to meet new people and make new friends, who could turn out to be friends for life. So get yourselves strapped in and ready for the crazy ride that will be your freshers year!


Socially there is so much to do at the Holt. We have two balls in the year (Summer and Winter) as well as a Holt Day. A festival held in the Holt Garden. Outside that you can take endless trips the student's Union or explore the clubs in town. Loughborough is continuously voted the top Student's Union in the country and you can tell why. Our Social secs are Alex Brown and Sophie Fletcher.


IMS is a hall-v-hall competition in a variety of sports; from your standard football, rugby and netball all the way to water polo and tug of war (yes really!) you are bound to find a sport to suit you. IMS can be competitive, but mostly it is about having fun, so don't worry if you haven't got much experience :) Our sports secs are Sam Brooker, Dom Youles, Holly Leung and Taylor Mullaney.


Action is all about volunteering and helping out in the local community. The main activities include gardening, the big litter pick, soup kitchen and dog walking. Action is a fantastic way to show Loughborough locals that students have a good side too! also, building up action hours gets you special rewards such as a keyring or free mug. Our Action reps are Darcey Dunne and David Absalom.


Rag is the fundraising section of Loughborough Students' Union, and regularly raises over £1million a year for charity, making it one of the biggest and best student fundraising organisations in the country. You can get involved by going on RAG raids, cycling from London to Paris or sledding accross the artic! RAG raids are a chance to experience a new city, make new friends and dress up for the chance to raise as much money for charity. Our RAG reps are Victoria Olukoga and Florence Shearman.


Loughborough Students' Media encompasses everything you would expect it to. You can get involved with live shows for LSUTV, broadcasting on Loughborough Campus Radio (LCR), photographing events with Lens or writing for the student magazine, Label. In every section there is the opportunity to be given on-the-job training and support. Visit the media website at to see the work we do. Our media reps are Megan Harkin and Nitin Doal.


Stash is a collection of Holt-themed clothing and accessories. There are usually 3 main opportunities to get stash in the year. during freshers, and via a winter and summer collection.Be prepared as it will most likely be purple or have a stag somewhere on it. Stash is a big part of hall life at loughbprough. Our stash rep is Nitin Doal.


FREEC stands for Food, Residential, Ethical, Environment and Campus Watch. The main way you can get involved is by taking part in blackouts, where you turn off all lights and electricals, this will happen before a night out. Our FREEC rep is Emma King.

PAAIR stand for Placement, Alumni, Affiliates, Internationals and Returners. The job of the PAAIR rep is to include all these groups within hall life so that no-one feels left out. Our PAAIR rep is Avni Vadgama.

Welfare and Diversity

Welfare and Diversity is the section which encompasses all students during their University experience. With a variety of associations and campaigns, Welfare and Diversity promotes positive health and wellbeing and also provides underrepresented students with a voice. There are many events held over the year, so for more information speak to our W&D rep, Avni Vadgama.

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