Freshers 2020

Let me set the scene. You arrive at "The Holt" and standing before you is the oldest hall in Loughborough. You wonder, is this a wizarding school for people like me? Is it haunted? Or is there an ogre and a donkey searching for a princess in the tallest tower?

Well fresher, if you want to find out, you've got a decision to make...

Theme and Timetable for





Make sure to read the information below to see

how we will be running

things this year and try

your best to win as many

points you can for you

and your household!



You waited, you tried to guess but here it finally is!

Our theme for Freshers 2018 is...


Get your gameboys, DS's and WII consoles packed

and let the games begin! You won't want to miss out!



You've waited, but now the secret is out. The Holt's freshers theme for 2017 is...




To see our reveal video take a look at the clip on the right. For the official timetable of events look down below. 


The timetable shows (by row) the date, the event, what to wear, and the time it will start. 


There will be SO MUCH MORE info but sadly we can't put it all in a table so look out on the Holt fresher page on Facebook close to event times.  

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