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Holt Students from 1978-79

The Holt comprises of redeveloped accommodation, owned and managed by University partners, Unite Students. The Old Holt is a listed Victorian mansion around which the development was constructed. The Holt was bought in 1918/19 and is the oldest hall in Loughborough! 


The Holt is often believed to be a quiet place, a place of tranquility and study, but when Freshers’ hits this hall, it hits hard. Situated across the road from Falk Egg, arguably the rowdiest hall of all, the two halls can often combine to create one of the best party atmospheres across campus. People may not know much about The Holt, but the high-quality en-suite rooms, beautiful setting and sunny garden space makes this the perfect location to spend your Freshers’, while being a hall you can settle into for the rest of your University career. 


The Holt has not been classified as a hall in the same way as others have over the past few years, spending periods of time as a kind of sister/overflow hall to Falk Egg a couple of years ago, and last year being involved with campus life largely through Falk Egg Committee. - Leanna Kightley - Assistant Label Editor


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